By Ronald Campbell


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Published: Dec. 1, 2020

Two of the biggest problem areas in life are the military and marriage—war and wedlock. You’ve been limited over the years by other people’s philosophies and by false interpretations of events and circumstances, as well as by thoughts and ideas that are not true and not you. Psychologists and psychiatrists have tried to deal with these problem areas for decades. But they can only teach people how to live with them. 

MindShift shows you how to get rid of them! It enables you to identify the fallacies in your life. It teaches you how to replace them with the truths you need to become the person you were meant to be. And it shows you how to achieve your maximum potential.

Meet the Author

Meet Ron

Ronald Campbell served in the military in South Africa for ten years. Following that, he created a successful pharmaceutical company, before being led by the Holy Spirit to America in 1993. Since then, Ron has empowered elected officials and corporate and non-government leaders to make life-changing decisions that have resulted in personal fulfillment for themselves and their families.

eBook, Print & Audio

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Poised for Launch1

Release Your Baggage

Birth Nature10
Acquired Nature13
Human Condition16
Cognitive Dissonance19
RAS & Blindspots23
Potential Matrix31
Thought Matrix35
Self-Talk Matrix39
Avoidance Behavior51
Personal Truth62

Recognize Your Power

Core Beliefs66
Principles & Values 69
Purpose & Passion 75
Strengths & Weaknesses 79

Realize Your Potential

Self-Discipline 83
The A-Team 87
Training for Victory 90
Unlocking your X-Factor 94
Your Future 97


Achieve your goals

Break through the barriers! Soar through the setbacks! MindShift gives you powerful tools that can be used in any situation and with any setback or disappointment to overcome the things holding you back and to accomplish what you desire.

Change your mind

You behave more according to your beliefs than to the facts in front of you. Changing what you believe, then, gets rid of the barriers that are keeping you from becoming your best self. 

Discover your potential

Your best self is the one you want to be but can’t seem to grab hold of. MindShift enables you to find and become that you. It shows you how to remove all the barriers, hindrances and narratives you acquired during your first eight years and built on ever since. 

MindShift offers you life-changing power!

You literally thought yourself up. But some inferior materials got in there when you laid your foundation. MindShift shows you how to check your foundation and look behind the walls and under the floorboards like a professional renovator. And wherever you find a flaw, you’ll learn how to replace it and begin to rebuild a new, more successful you.

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